Science interests

My interests range in field of zoology behavior and all forms of communication between conspecifics, between groups and species. I had my first experience in zoology before studying in the University I had participated in investigation of quantity of wild cat in Central Moldova. Since that time I have discovered myself as a mammologist. As a result in the University I defended bachelor and master thesis at mongooses acoustic and behavior features. However, I believe that an object of investigations is not play principal role for discovering scientific purposes. So, I was interesting sound communication in close habitats and reed as an extremely form of habitats. In the reeds visual channel dont work what can you see, if steam of calamites stay around you by dense rows? On the other hand, the reeds are close width area and give a refuge for many species, which cannot be in full isolation and must communicate one between other. Eyesight is not work, olfactory communication is troublesome and do not developed in birds so, will use the sound. To the main questions in investigation of sound communication are what is the mean separated call, which information can be translated from one conspecific to another, how sound information field impacts o individuals behavior For reeds a new hot question was added: how habitats properties influence on sound dispersion indeed dense calamites create singular microclimate and work as a filter? During my work in reeds in north-west Russia I found that reedbad habitats can be separated on three sounds horizons with different acoustic properties. Now I am studying study vocalization of Great Bittern - big bird, which spend all life in the reeds and fully adapted to its habitat from voice and behavior..

Recent investigation

Vocalizations of Great Bittern (Botaurus stellaris)


2001 2004: St. Petersburg State University. Postgraduate.

1999 - 2001: St. Petersburg State University. Master of Science in Biology. (Zoology / Biophysics). Thesis: "Acoustic behaviour in banded mongoose Mungos mungo ", supervisors: Ilinsky I.V., Ph.D.

1995 - 1999: St. Petersburg State University. Bachelor of Science in Biology. Thesis: "Marking behaviour in banded mongoose Mungos mungo ", supervisors: Agafonova E.V. and Sokolovskaja M.V.

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